Dental Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy

QL Dental is committed to providing quality dental care for our clients. The dental professionals and staff members of the practice understand the importance of protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your information. In addition to being a professional commitment to you, our practice complies with associated governing privacy bodies. 

The information we record and retain may include:

  • Your personal details
    (including your name, address, date of birth, contact number, emergency contacts and health fund membership as relevant)
  • Your Medicare card details
  • Your dental history and other relevant health information
  • Clinical diagnosis and notes completed during the course of your dental care
  • X-rays, photographic images and other records of your dental health and treatments 
  • Referrals to other medical and allied health professionals
  • Information received from other dental and health service providers

We primarily collect information directly from yourself, family members or legal guardian, and if applicable from your health professionals and health services who have been treating you. If further information from other persons is required we will ask for your permission. We may collect this data through completion of forms, telephone or email.

It is essential the information we hold about you remains accurate and updated. If your medical history or contact details changes, please update this information with our team as soon as convenient. 

The information we record about you will be used for providing advice and treatment to you, referrals to other health professionals, obtaining advice from other health professionals on xrays, other images, tests or treatment options, managing our accounts and billing your private healthfund or insurer, for our practice clinical quality management, and for investigation and resolution of any concerns you may have about the services given.

For legislative requirements or court order, we may be required to disclose information to regulators, law enforcement bodies or other parties without your prior knowledge or consent. We will provide reasonable procedures to notify you know of these requirements depending on the nature of any legal constraints. We may use the contact information you provide to keep you updated on our services and other dental or health improvement products or services that we feel are relevant to your dental health or may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive our information or updates, please advise our team.

As a client of our practice you have the rights of access to the information we hold regarding your oral health. If you wish to access this information please ask our team for the Request to Access Dental Records form. 

If you have any questions or concerns please ask our staff members and they will be happy to address your enquiry. If your enquiry is not resolved or you have a complaint about our privacy management, please contact us by email and we will endeavour to address your concerns within 10 days upon receiving the submission.