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We are proud to offer a combination of modern techniques and high-tech equipment to ensure personalised dental visits and a stress-free experience. Beyond merely treating patients, our team is dedicated to understanding your individual needs and anxieties. Each visit is meticulously crafted to cocoon you in an environment of comfort, respect, and unwavering support, ensuring you feel valued and at ease.

Located in Upper Mount Gravatt, Brisbane, our experienced dental team is dedicated to providing exceptional care tailored to your needs. Whether it’s routine care or comprehensive dental solutions, QL Dental is your partner in achieving optimal oral health.

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The QL Dental team are caring and will make sure you feel welcomed. Our qualified staff recognise the importance of your dental health with a strong focus to educate you on preventative care. We take time to understand your situation and provide an environment where you feel comfortable, respected and supported. All our staff are valuable members of QL Dental.

Dr Jennifer Yu

Dental Surgeon

BOH (DSc), GDipDent (QLD), MClinDent (Implants)

☑ Postgraduate : Masters in Implant Surgery ​
☑ Dual Graduate : Bachelor and Diploma of Dentistry and Oral Health
☑ Orthodontics : Invisalign Provider ​
☑ Association : Australian Dental Member
With over a decade of unwavering commitment in the healthcare industry, Dr. Yu stands as a pillar of expertise at QL Dental, renowned for her meticulous and caring approach. Her enduring relationships with numerous patients spanning many years reflect her genuine commitment to understanding each individual and welcoming new faces with warmth.
As a Senior Clinician, Dr. Yu excels in providing specialised care to Special Needs and Paediatric patients under General Anaesthesia, contributing her skills to esteemed institutions such as
  • Mater and Royal Women’s Hospital
  • Queensland Children’s Hospital
  • Gold Coast and Logan Hospital
Her significant experience extends beyond clinical practice as she passionately mentors undergraduates in the nuanced field of Oral Surgery.
Dr. Yu is particularly passionate about cosmetic dentistry and implant surgery, where her expertise truly shines. With over a decade of focused experience, she has become an accomplished implant dentist, dedicated to enhancing smiles and restoring confidence. Her commitment to delivering optimal and comprehensive care is evident in the application of high-quality dental treatments personalised to each client.
What sets Dr. Yu apart is not only her professional prowess but also her reassuring nature. She communicates with a blend of care and honesty that fosters a relaxing and positive experience for individuals and families alike. With Dr. Yu at the helm for over a decade, QL Dental ensures a compassionate journey towards excellent oral health, especially in the realm of implant dentistry.

Dr Richard Tsai

General Dentist


☑ Postgraduate : Doctor of Dental Surgery ​
☑ Graduate : Bachelor of Medical Science

Dr Tsai was born and raised in Taiwan and has completed his studies in dentistry at the University of Melbourne. As a general dentist, he has a special interest in oral surgery, dental implantology, and cosmetic dentistry.

As a compassionate and confident general dentist, Dr Tsai has a strong passion to provide high quality patient centered care, therefore, he is happy to explain to his patient carefully so that they understand their own situation and what options are available for them. In addition, Dr Tsai has experience working in hospital and clinic settings in both Taiwan and Australia, so he is flexible in giving different treatment options tailored to the patient’s condition.

When not working, Dr Tsai has an interest in photography, guitar, sports, and traveling with friends.

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